Why Boulder is (Part of) the New Silicon Valley

by Market Real Estate | Sep 14, 2018
All the buzz in the world of tech startups and venture capital these days is focused on who the "New Silicon Valley" might become. Indeed, leading VCs and founders have been vocal about the idea that ...

Leasing Restaurant Space in Boulder

by Market Real Estate | Sep 07, 2018
As Boulder's industry, population, and real estate evolve, one thing remains: its rich culinary heritage. According to YourBoulder.com, Boulder has over 115 restaurants, a significant figure given ...

What are the best retail areas in Boulder?

by Market Real Estate | Aug 15, 2018
While Boulder wrestles with its identity as a small city or a big town, one thing is clear: for it's size, it has a thriving retail sector. From specialty retail shops to large chains to a legion of ...

Co-Working Spaces in Boulder in 2018

by Market Real Estate | Aug 02, 2018
As with other tech heavy/entrepreneurial markets, Boulder is a co-working hub. There are more co-working and shared office spaces in Boulder than there are City Council Members. Translation: there is ...

Dockless Bikes Come to Boulder

by Market Real Estate | Jul 11, 2018
They are coming, whether you like it or not. Well, a few are, anyway. Dockless bikes, the latest trend contributing to the growing space of urban mobility, are entering the Boulder market by way of a ...

Todd Walsh CCIM Brokers Lease for Porchlight Group Boulder

by Boulder Brokers | Apr 10, 2018
 Welcome to Boulder, Porchlight Real Estate Group! Last week, the team at Todd Walsh CCIM helped ink a deal for Porchlight to lease 3,000 square feet at 2500 Broadway. The group has been practicing ...

Boulder Commercial Real Estate: An Investing Haven

by Todd Walsh CCIM | Mar 27, 2018
Ever heard of how the Japanese Yin and the Swiss Franc are considered haven currencies? In the face of geopolitical risk and weak bond markets, these currencies tend to hold their value.

How Discount Stores Have Managed Better Retail Earnings

by Todd Walsh CCIM | Mar 23, 2018
As the news of yet another shut down of big box retailer, Toys “R” Us, broke last week, disruption in the brick-and-mortar retail sector appears to be at an all-time high. However, while big ...

Why Everyone is Moving from the Costs to the Boulder Area

by Market Real Estate | Mar 13, 2018
There has been a lot of buzz about the boom of mid-tier markets, particularly those located along the sun belt and in the west and south. Of Amazon’s list of 20 finalist cities to host its second ...