Co-Working Spaces in Boulder in 2018

by Market Real Estate | Aug 02, 2018 |

As with other tech heavy/entrepreneurial markets, Boulder is a co-working hub. There are more co-working and shared office spaces in Boulder than there are City Council Members. Translation: there is no shortage of opportunities to java up with some like-minded professionals and get your synergy on. But where to go?

As we say - frustratingly often - in real estate: it depends. What is your industry? How much do you want to spend? How much space do you need? Are you scaling fast? To help get you started, here is a quick and dirty guide to some of Boulder's co-working spaces in 2018.



  • Best for: Smaller to mid-sized companies with expectations of growth; any industry and multiple markets
  • Location: 15th and Canyon
  • The skinny: If The W got into the shared office business, this might be what results. First, the views of the flatirons are next-level. The kind normally reserved for corner-office execs. Which you can enjoy over your included complimentary breakfast every morning. The finishes and furnishings are trés chic and it is dazzling clean. But those W-like amenities come with a price tag...
  • Price: $450 for a dedicated desk; $846 - $3,636 for office suites up to six people.
  • Other locations? Yes, 24 nationwide
  • Website


  • Best for: Tech companies; Techpreneurs looking to network and synergzie
  • Location: Between 10th and 11th on Walnut
  • The skinny: In addition to co-working space and suites, Galvanize houses its coding school, GSchool, which offers coding and development classes (And with its recent purchase of Hack Reactor is now one of the biggest coding schools nationwide). They also emphasize their strong community which offers daily events (from javascript meetups to yoga) and access to professional mentors in many fields. Here you will find more of the bullpen seating ideal for smaller companies or individuals looking to collaborate. Galvanize was founded in Colorado so their campuses (3 of 8) are clustered around the front range.
  • Price: $379+ for a co-working seat; $499+ for a dedicated desk; varies for suites
  • Other locations? Yes, 8 total. 3 are in Colorado (currently acquiring more)
  • Website


  • Best for: Individuals or companies with 3-4 employees with expectations of growth; local
  • Location: Near 9th and Pearl (behind Centro Mexican Kitchen)
  • The skinny: Niche is a lot like Industrious: it's downtown, it's mod-dustrial and offers a daily complimentary breakfast. But unlike Industrious, it is ultra-local (just one location and locally owned and operated) and smaller so you are likely to get to know most members. They allow their conference room and other spaces to be used by non-members. Sign up on their website. Also, if you need somewhere to set up shop for the day but aren't ready to commit, Niche also offers a day pass.
  • Price: $300 for a co-working seat; $425 for a dedicated desk; $475 for a seat in a private office suite (min 3 occupants)
  • Other locations? Nope. Just beautiful Boulder.
  • Website

Novel Coworking (formerly LEVEL Boulder)

  • Best for: Individuals or small but growing companies who need amenities and flexibility; any industry 
  • Location: 15th and Canyon
  • The skinny: Novel is Boulder's brand spanking new co-working space (and as of this month, a brand spanking new name). You can't beat the location; it is a mere one or two scooter pushes from the RTD bus station. Novel (unlike its competitors like WeWork and Regus) owns its buildings which, in theory, provides them more flexibility to modify spaces and keeps rent a bit lower. They offer fiber(!) internet and the obligatory coffee and beer on tap. Like some other co-working spaces, they offer a membership package that gives you a mailing address and access to meeting spaces (but no dedicated work space) for less than $100/month. Did we mention fiber?
  • Price: $99+ for a co-working seat (think low sofa or modern papasan); $199+ for a dedicated desk desk; $299+ for a small suite; $2,999+ for a large office
  • Other locations? Yes, 22 nationwide
  • Website


  • Best for: Established companies with satellite employees or branches; companies looking for a more corporate culture
  • Location: 15th and Spruce
  • The skinny: While you will find the amenities similar to the others, Regus has mostly private offices and a more corporate vibe. We find it is best suited for established companies with a few satellite employees, rather than upstarts. Many chose Regus for the convenience and amenities rather than opportunity for collaboration. But they, like Niche, have conference rooms available for non-members to book. They also offer virtual offices.
  • Price: Customized. Regus works on a "live inventory" model. Packages are customized based on the tenant's needs and inventory availability, and generated only following a 15-minute tour of the space.
  • Other locations? Yes, too many to count. In Colorado alone, there are 27 locations.
  • Website

Office Evolution

  • Best for: The no-nonsense pro who needs a quiet place to knock out the to-do list and head home on time.
  • Location: 15th and Canyon
  • Highlights: Long before the advent of fraternal-like co-working spaces, ever dependable shared offices filled the real estate needs of small business. Among the first in Boulder was Office Evolution. Conveniently located just east off Foothills parkway, tenants (from out-of-towners to out-of-downtowners to the must-drive-about-town-ers) can slip in and out of the office without budgeting 20 extra minutes for parking. If you are looking for a quiet, professional place to close the door to your suite, get the work done, and (gasp) leave early on a Friday, look no further. Yes, they have co-working space and private suites. Yes, they have reception. No, they do not have beer on tap after 3 PM.
  • Price: $99+ for a co-working seat; $345 for a dedicated desk; $400 for a small suite; $600 for large suite (conference room use is not unlimited)
  • Other locations? Yes, 76 nationwide
  • Website

Impact HUB

  • Best for: Purpose-driven companies and non-profits
  • Location: Broadway and Walnut
  • Highlights: As if it didn't already feel good to arrive on Monday morning to a swanked-out office buzzing with upstarts and wafting freshly brewed coffee, add to that being part of a global community of social change agents. Impact HUB specializes in community-fostering office real estate for companies and non-profits working to address the world's inequalities. But don't be deterred by their focus on Good or by their garden level. This light-filled, well-appointed space offers all the expected amenities, as well as event space for rent and a large menu of activities and networking events.
  • Price: $90-$295 for a co-working seat; $400 for a dedicated desk; customized prices for private offices
  • Other locations? Yes, 100+ worldwide
  • Website


TEEM: Co-working space optimized for creatives; located at Spruce and Broadway; $200+ for co-working seat; $450 for a dedicated desk.

The Studio: Co-working space optimized for artists (offices, workshops, desks, and makerspaces); located in an industrial park near Pearl and Foothills Pkwy; $350 for a makerspace; $400 for a dedicated desk; $1,120-$2,490 for a private space.

Intelligent Office: Co-working space for companies and individuals in east Boulder; located near Arapahoe Ave and Foothills Pkwy; request quote for pricing.

Roost: Co-working space optimized for creatives; located near Baseline and 28th Street (same building as Amante Cofee); offers office space or participation in their community through happy hours and a Slack workspace.

Tatooine: Our neighbors! Located in one of famed architect Charles Haertling's buildings near Broadway and Maxwell, it is a small space with desks only and arcade games; $275 for a dedicated desk.


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